Smadav Pro Crack v15.1 Plus Serial Key Download Free

Smadav Pro Crack v15.1 Full Free Activated 2024

Smadav Pro Crack is an extra antivirus program that helps protect your Windows PC. It’s a simple, free program that provides real-time antivirus protection, making sure your computer is safe all the time. It mainly provides extra protection for your PC, especially for USB flash drives, but it doesn’t offer complete protection.

Smadav Pro v15.1 Crack Plus Serial Key Download Free

Smadav Pro Crack v15.1 With Keygen Latest Version Download

It can be used as a helper for your other antivirus software. It can also be used as the main software, but we strongly suggest not to rely fully on it to keep your files safe. Smadav Pro Serial Key is totally understandable in terms of antivirus defense. This means it doesn’t fully trust your current security. This can be easily fixed by finding a smart solution instead of making your PC do extra unnecessary work. It can easily detect even the most popular tested file on the internet if you choose to scan it and it doesn’t interfere when you’re downloading and running it.

Smadav Pro Key only takes a little bit of your time. Its features are not up-to-date with the current software trends. So, if you’re not happy with your antivirus solution, consider switching to more popular options. There are many of them and they’re not that expensive.

Key Features of Smadav Pro License Key:

  • Extra Protection for your PC, Compatible with Other Antivirus Products: While most antivirus programs can’t work together, this one is different. It’s designed to provide extra protection and can run alongside other antivirus software on your Windows PC. It uses its own method to detect and eliminate viruses, enhancing your computer’s security.
  • Best USB Antivirus (Complete Protection for your USB Flash Drive): USB flash drives are often used to spread viruses. This antivirus uses its own technology to prevent virus spread and bacteria on USB flash drives. It can identify many unknown viruses on USB, even if the virus isn’t in the database. It not only defends but also cleans USB flash drives and restores hidden or infected files on the USB flash drive.
  • Virus Cleaner and Tools: The antivirus can clean viruses that have already infected your PC and also fix changes made to the registry by the viruses. The software includes many tools for cleaning viruses.
  • Real-Time Security: It constantly checks your system for any suspicious activities, blocks malware, and prevents potential infections.
  • USB Defense: This feature scans USB drives and other external devices when connected to your PC, reducing the risk of spreading malware.
  • Automated Updates: It updates its virus database daily to stay ahead of emerging threats, ensuring your computer is always secure.
  • System Optimization: In addition to its antivirus capabilities, it offers a system optimization tool to improve your PC’s performance.
  • Exclusion List: You can specify files, folders, or processes to be excluded from scans, reducing unnecessary resource usage and preventing false positives.
  • Low Resource Antivirus: Smadav Pro uses only a small portion of your desktop resources. It usually uses only a small amount of memory (under 5 MB) and CPU usage (under 1%). With this minimal resource usage, it won’t slow down your computer. You can also install an additional antivirus that works alongside Smadav Pro to protect your PC.

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Smadav Pro v15.1 Crack Plus Serial Key Download Free

Smadav Pro v15.1 Crack Plus Serial Key Download Free

What’s New in Smadav Pro Crack Windows 7?

  • An updated virus testing database has been launched, which includes 800 newly identified viruses.
  • A new header design and attractive screen have been implemented in Smadav Pro.
  • The features of the Smadav Updater have been improved for better performance.
  • The virus upload features have been enhanced to increase its functionality.
  • Some minor fixes have been applied in the application.
  • A recovery tool is available for essential files on your PC, which you can easily manage.
  • The software can be installed and works correctly on all Windows PCs and Android devices.
  • The dashboard is verified to perform well even when offline.
  • Smadav Pro Registration Name and Key provides customers with electronic protection against cybercriminals and other unwanted visitors.

Can Smadav Antivirus to be used as a standalone antivirus solution?

Smadav Antivirus is mainly designed to work as a secondary antivirus solution, not as the main one. It’s meant to add extra protection to your existing antivirus software, especially against viruses that target USB drives and other external drives. Smadav offers some basic antivirus features like real-time scanning, USB protection, and system cleaning. However, it might not provide a complete solution to protect your system from all antivirus threats. So, it’s usually used together with a more robust and feature-rich antivirus program to ensure full protection against a wide variety of threats.


  • Small and well-arranged antivirus.
  • Scans in real-time and checks USBs.
  • Tool for improving system and boosting performance.
  • Regular updates for latest virus protection.
  • Easy-to-use interface.


  • A bit similar (only for Windows).
  • Need more antivirus software for complete safety.

System Requirements:

  • You need at least 1 GB of RAM
  • You need at least 100 MBs of space on your hard drive
  • Your operating system should be Windows 7 or newer
  • Your computer’s processor should be Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent

How to install?

  • There’s a download link for Smadav Pro below
  • Use WinRAR or WinZIP to unzip it, or just use the default Windows method
  • To activate the software, copy the serial key and paste it in the installation folder
  • Open the installer, agree to the terms and conditions, and install the software
  • Now you can use the latest version of Smadav Pro. Enjoy!

How to use?

  • Open the app and follow the steps shown
  • Adjust the settings as you like
  • Turn on real-time protection and USB scanning for maximum security
  • Run a full system scan to find and get rid of any threats
  • Keep updating the database regularly to stay safe from new viruses


It provides an extra shield against viruses, working with your current antivirus software to keep your computer safe. It has real-time protection, USB scanning, and regular updates to protect your system. Even though it might not work with all systems and some new features might be limited in the new version, its simplicity and easy-to-use design make it a good option for Windows PC users. If you’re thinking about adding more security, Smadav Pro is worth a look.

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